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Time after time... The meaning of Life

TATS' (Tatsuo Sekiguchi) Born and raised Nagano-prefecture, Japan.
He is from an ethnic Taiko group called the "OSUWA DAIKO" (御諏訪太鼓) in his hometown.
To him, Osuwa Daiko has probably the richest ethic, cultural & traditional resources, richer than any country in the world.
Find a potted version of Japanese-Traditions with TATS' footprints in the world with the peace of the world and peace of mind. One thing is for sure, as long as you do what you love to do with does it right reasons people will notice that time after time by himself the whole through the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and so on.
He just keeps on doing what He's doing...
Peace and sharing spiritual passion and sprit with everyone that likes to share it with him time to time sometimes...somewhere.