Time after time

You never know what's around corner out here......
He is very private person when he go somewhere... it's just the way
He is that hard work is absolutely essential to navigate way through life...when the time comes, take action... be sure to take good care of you...most thoughts are expressed by words but it's couldn't... wait for an opportunity that show up.
According to circumstances, may go by self whether go or stay is up to you... thought is progressive.

Heal the World: one thing is for sure, as long as you do what you love to do, and does it right reasons, people will notice that. I just keep on going what I am doing; peace & sharing spiritual passion with everyone that likes to share it with me.

In 2006, the Australia Government for Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) granted Distinguished Talent Visa as the Osuwa Daiko an Australia Permanent Residence.

In 2006, Osuwa Daiko solo performed with workshop though the AUSTRALIA travel such as SYDNEY - MELBOURNE - PERTH - BROOM - CAIRNS - ALICE SPRINGS - ULURU - AYERS ROCK as the World National Heritage under UNESCO.

In 2008, the distance between SYDNEY, Australia to L.A Los Angeles, California, U.S.A is 7,487 miles (12,049 km). Logged over 40,000 kilometers from their front gate in Sydney to North America as U.S.48states, Canada & Mexico on a 55days own road trip.
It's "once in a lifetime" journey, across U.S visit places of interest in an old city along the ROUTE 66 & into CANADA, MEXICO over land.
The over 19,000 miles (over 30,000km) journey of own drive to Dedicated "故 師 小口大八 翁" Mr.Daihachi Oguchi solo performed Osuwa Daiko in 10 venues in North America from L.A though U.S.A 48 States also CANADA & MEXICO by car travel overland.
From 4th of October to 27th of November 2008 (55 days),car driving from L.A to L.A, via Vancouver & Toronto (Canada), EI paso (USA) to C.Jearez (Mexico) and San Diego (USA) to Tijuana (Mexico).
The journey visited three countries starting in the U.S.A then passing through CANADA & MEXICO ending in L.A, U.S.A with long car journeys.

3 Third Degree Black Belt