Mr. DaihachiOguchi's family

Mr. Daihachi Oguchi formed armature jazz band it's called Sansei-band in his hometown at the Okaya-city, Nagano-prefecture, Japan in 1947.

In 1949, he restored a piece of traditional shrine music for the Suwa Shrine, and became the seventh grandmaster of zK "Osuwa Daiko". His original compositions have contributed greatly to the development of the Suwa region and to the promotion of Japanese Taiko. He is held in the highest esteem as the foremost figure in the World of Wadaiko (Traditional Japanese Drum) not only in Japan but internationally as well.

In 1953, he formed the Osuwa Daiko Preservation Society with the aims of passing on ancient traditions to future generations and the musical development of the Taiko, and called "KUMI DAIKO" style of ensemble drumming, collecting many traditional Wadaiko, which have been born of Japanese tradition culture, of various sizes and tones, and playing them in an orchestra-like style. He has turned this new dimension of Taiko music into one of the world's foremost folk performing arts who led the spread of the art of Taiko all over the world. He has performed all over Japan and has received high acclaimed for this many performances overseas as well, contributing greatly to international friendship and cultural exchange all over the world.