Mr. Sekiguchi / Osuwa Daiko Visited LAMT!!

On November 26 2008, Mr. Tatsuo Sekiguchi of Osuwa Daiko visited us!! Mr. Sekiguchi started his long trip in Los Angeles on October 4, ending his trip again in Los Angeles on November 27. He has been visiting 48 States, in dedication of the Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi, the founder of Osuwa Daiko, who recently passed away. It was very special to be included in this wonderful tribute to the Grand Master. Koshin Taiko, our sister group, also welcomed him on the day before.

On the day of the visit, he played two of Osuwa Daiko's repartorie for us. It was a memorial performance with Grand Master's photos by his side. Very moving... Then after his solo performance, Mr. Sekiguchi let us play our version of Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi, in front of Oguchi-sensei's photos! It was such an honor to play those songs for the original composer of the songs. For the rest of the evening, we had a chance to get to talk with him, in a relaxed, casual potluck setting.

Despite of the last minute notice, we had 11 members from LAMT and Koshin Taiko joined this very special evening.

Thank you, Mr. Sekiguchi, for visiting us!! Best of luck on you, Osuwa Daiko and family of Grand Master Oguchi